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school closings on our website, wjla.com. joining us for good morning washington, starting tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. traffic is moving along several lanes of interstate 66 after a crash. a tractor-trailer collided with a -- with a pickup truck just before four o'clock this afternoon. the trailer had pulled over to the shoulder because of a mechanical problem and was hit by the pickup truck. two lanes are still closed at this hour. a washington d.c. area college student was one of two people killed in a house fire in colorado. adam lockard and lucille causley were both students at western state college. >> it was very outgoing. >> i think there is a lot of sadness, a lot of wondering why this had to happen. >> for other people were able to get out of the home. investigators say it appears that the fire started outside of the home. lawmakers in virginia will consider legislation this week that would force health insurance companies to cover certain treatments. virginia does not mandate insurers to cover a treatment called applied behavior analysis. those who opposed it say it woul
this year. the senate shot down the idea just yesterday. tara mergener , cbs news, washington. >>> you can watch the state of the union address live tonight on channel 9. coverage starts at 9:00 p.m. with the president's speech followed by the republican response and then you can get more reaction on 9 news now at 11:00 and at wusa9.com. >>> toyota has halted the sale of eight of its most popular models. the move is aimed at keeping consumers safe from accelerator pedals which can stick and force the car to speed up unintentionally. the affected models are -- this is after a recall involving 5 million vehicles with the same flaw or one in which floor mats caused the accelerator to get stuck. toyota is also halting production of the vehicles in several plants. >> it seems to be an unprecedented decision for a company to stop selling cars in order to adjust a safety issue. >> having a car go out of control at any minute is not a very pleasant idea. >> they'll fix it before they give it to me. >> it is certainly something to take seriously. no question about it. >> reporter: if you own one of
the full reports and early next week here in washington, heel convene a meeting with all of the agencies involved. >>> international travelers can expect heightened security measures at least through monday. the transportation security administration has extended its emergency measures that include a patdown of all planes boarded for the u.s. senior airport officials will meet with airport executives around the world for security for u.s.-bound flights. >>> sources tell abc news that the suicide bomber that killed seven cia acts in afghanistan was invited on to the base and was not searched. the bomber was seen as a possible informant but blew himself up. in addition to the seven officers killed, six others were seriously injured in the worst attack on the intelligence agency in more than 25 years. >> this is say tremendous loss for the agency. the agency is a relatively small organization and its expertise on al qaeda is even a smaller subset of that overall group. >> the cia and u.s. military are working more closely than ever with afghans to improve training and intelligence gathering
are a bit milder than they were this same time yesterday morning. mid-30s in washington and low 30s in prince george's county. montgomery, arlington and fairfax counties right near 30 degrees. and it's right near the freezing mark around the region. we do have a cloud cover, slight chance of a sprinkle or a flurry late this morning. it will drop back into the 30s by sunset and then the teens by dawn tomorrow. this accompanied by gusty winds this afternoon and overnight tonight, gusting to 30 miles per hour. much colder friday, increasing clouds with highs near freezing. saturday perhaps light snow around the metro area but very light amounts. heavier amounts central and southern virginia. remaining cold into sunday. how is the traffic? >> doing pretty well along the i-270 spur. right side of your screen, northbound. no early hangups to report. elsewhere the trip to the wilson bridge looking good both inner loop and outer loop no worries out at the bay bridge. 95 southbound south kings dominion word of an accident involving a truck. eastbound 66 we're okay. no worries either way righ
the washington area tomorrow. no problems tonight. but into southern maryland and even fredericksburg, could be as much as 6 inches, maybe even a bit more. the major impact will be southern virginia, the carolinas, and down in the tide water areas too. for us, it will be a light snow that will not be causing any major problems. but once again, we're really on the edge and a shift a few miles north and south to make a big difference with this storm. i'll tell you all the details, the time line, what the outlook is for sunday too when i join you. >> thank you, bob. >>> today president obama sparred with republicans on their own turf. he accepted an invitation to speak at the gop retreat in baltimore. he also proposed a new jobs program. both moves are part of his promise to focus on the economy and on bipartisanship. there was some good news on the way about economic growth in the last quarter. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with more on all this. hi, steve. >> thanks, good evening, if you like politics and so many of us in this town do. you had to love this. this face-off in baltimor
for snow into the washington area. everybody hopefully happy about that. it's landing on a weekend. we do have a winter weather advisory for the d.c. metro area. we have a winter storm warning that starts once you get down fords fredericksburg and stafford, waldorf, st. mary's county, you are under the warning. right here around town, a winter weather advisory. we could get well more than six inches down from frericksburg into the southern part of our viewing area. temperatures, bone-chilling cold. a lot of spots not reporting snow yet, because it's going to take a long time. very dry here at the ground. it is going to take a while for the snowflakes to saturate the atmosphere. it will start snowing here mid to late morning and it will snow all afternoon long today. >> it should be pretty if you like the stuff. >> i love the snow. >> thanks, chuck. >>> virginia is under a state of emergency as the storm moves in. chuck bell saying the counties around fredericksburg like stafford, spotsylvania and king george could get 6 to 8 inches. they have pretreated the roads to have up to 100 pieces
bickering in washington d.c. >> i want the republicans off the sidelines. >> reporter: the gop says it is the president who needs to change his attitude. >> there was noing in the speech to indicate there was any willingness to sit down and work together. >> reporter: republicans insist they are willing to sit down and talk with democrats. they invited the president to the meeting on friday. in washington d.c., joel brown, wjx eyewitness news. >> some of that $8 billion in high speed rail money is coming to maryland. see what it will be used for at 5:00 on wjx. >>> tomorrow, the -- wjz. >>> tomorrow, the president will be in baltimore. the stop is in addition to president barack obama's previously announced appearance before house republicanning who are holding a retreat in an inner harbor hotel. this visit will bring lots of change to the city traffic. coverage starts with sharon gibala in traffic control. >>> the downtown area is a place you want to avoid if at all possible. we have some road closures that will number effect in the vicinity of lumbard and gay. this is between 11:
know it's not true. >> joining us from washington is cnn political editor mark preston. mark, we saw the president go to that republican retreat and we saw the sparring. what i want to know is was there anyone that gained politically because of this? >> you know, a very good question, because i was talking to a democratic lobbyist very early this morning, and he raised that same question. he said, look, president obama went there, he seemed to do very well because he was willing to engage republicans on their turf. republicans probably did okay because they were willing to here president obama out. the question is did congressional democrats do well, because if president obama, you know, goes to one of these events and he's critical of congressional democrats, which he was there, as well as congressional republicans, for the bitterness that is -- that we're seeing on capitol hill, are they going to lose out. so, you know, it's something we'll see play out over the next few months. but, you know, look, they were very civil, they didn't agree on the issues, and i don't really expect th
his message across? t.j. winick joins us now from washington with more on the speech. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good evening. before a joint session of congress the president acknowledged some missteps over the past year, but that didn't stop him from pushing an aggressive agenda. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: delivering his first state of the union address, barack obama didn't sound like a president humbled by historic efforts to fix the economy and health care. >> despite our hardships, our union is strong. we do not give up. we do not quit. we do not allow fear or division to break our spirit. >> reporter: the president spent most of the speech on the economy and jobs, offering help for middle class families -- >> we'll extend our midd class tax cuts. >> reporter: and small businesses. >> i'm also proposing a new small business tax credit. one that will go to over 1 million small businesses who hire new workers or raise wages. >> reporter: while pushing spending frees to help drive down the budget deficit. >> starting in 2011
the way. as we look at realtime graphics. 95 and the baltimore-washington parkway, no problems 32 to the beltway. speaking of 495, here's the live shot here. we were moving well from new hampshire over to georgia. look like the inner loop is fine, as well. in virginia, 66 heading eastbound. things slowing down just a bit between 50 and 123. the beltway in virginia, meanwhile, is moving nicely between 95 up to 66. check out that realtime sensor. the average is 62 miles an hour. that's a quick look at traffic. >>> >> we face big and difficult challenges. what the american people hope, what they deserve, is for all of us, democrats and republicans, to work through our differences, to overcome the numbing weight of our policies. >> reporter: president obama is calling for bipartisan solutions for the economy his first state of the union address. the president focused on the economy in his speech and today he will hit the road to promote new initiatives. tara mergener has more on what the president said and the gop response. >> reporter: president obama's top priority this year is get
lawmakers to task for changing the tone in washington. >> the way these issues are being presented, by the republicans, is that this is some wild-eyed plot to impose huge government in every aspect of our lives. what happens is, you guys then don't have a lot of room to negotiate with me. >> reporter: the gop response to the president's visit, cautious optimism. >> it's unprecedented in my 26 years. it's a little bit like a first date. both are anticipative. they're expectant. they both have friends that didn't want them to do it. >> reporter: house republicans say their party has been mislabeled as the party of no. and they urge the president to consider their plans for deeper tax cuts and health care reform. the president promised to review those plans. >> all right, rachel. >>> for all the people that crashed c-spans serverers. >>> ron is here withhe rest of the news on afghanistan. >> good morning, everyone. four afghan soldiers have been killed in a clash between an afghan army unit and a joint afghan force, that both mistook the other for the enemy. they were conducting separ
struggling. only 21 right now here in washington. still some teens in hagerstown. fredericksburg 27 with the wind chill a real problem, only 8. we have winter weather advisories to the south, charles county, sane maries county, not sure why calvert isn't in it but it isn't. fredericksburg, culpeper. all of these from 7 a.m. on saturday to 4:00 a.m. on sunday. northern neck and south of that maybe upgraded to warnings. we will see some snow. generally light here in dc. heavier south. i will tell you how much i think we will get when i see you in 14 minutes. >>> we'll get back to you, howard. >>> president obama is counting on tax breaks and other new policies to get americans back to work. he's rolling out his new plan. while he's in baltimore. we're looking at a live picture. while in baltimore, the president will also talk with republican lawmakers who are holding a retreat. it will not be easy, but the president needs the republican support to turn his proposals in to a reality. joel brown is in baltimore. >> reporter: president obama headed for a baltimore factory to roll out mor
of the washington area and it's expected to get heavier overnight and make for a miserable monday morning commute. good sunday. i'm craig melvin. >>> the roads are just wet right now but tomorrow morning could be an entirely differentory. some parts of the metro area have seen light showers while there's been no heavy rains yet. dopours are expected to move operate. there's a flash flood watch in effect. meteorologist chuck bell is standing by the news4 storm center with the latest on your wet monday forecast. >> it seems like we've been talking about waiting on the rain all day long and we're more waiting than looking but nonetheless, the heavy rain not far away with temperatures climbing as the winds continue to increase. our temperature has gone up nearly 10 degrees since 6:00 at night and we're now up into the mid 50s across the area. here's your life doppler and you can see light to at times welcome moderate rain showers moving through the northern sides of the capital beltway. the heavier steadier rains are in the shenandoah valley. the rain and wind will increase during the overnight house
.e.a.l.s. good afternoon, everybody. good afternoon, tamron. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> hey, david. good afternoon. i'm tamron hall live in new york. we begin with breaking news. less than an hour ago the brother of nancy kerrigan pleaded not guilty to assault charges. their father died over the weekend after what prosecutors describe as a struggle with his son. mark kerrigan did not speak during the hearing. as you can see there he put his head down and wept. whd reporter is in woburn, massachusetts, with more on this. what else do we know about the alleged argument. >> it's in these police reports we learned it was brenda kerrigan, mother of nancy who called police and let them know her husband and son were pushing and shoving, when he femme and later died. mark kerrigan, brother of nancy kerrigan is brought to district court. he's charged with assault and battery after allegedly fighting with his 70-year-old father daniel inside the family's home. police and paramedics arrived they found daniel kerrigan on his back unconscious. emts tried to revive him but he later died at the h
trevino has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the future career of washington's most colorful athlete is uncertain and it's unclear when or if gilbert arenas will return to the verizon center to dazzle fans. it has been his inappropriate attitude in the wake of the allegations that prompted harsh and swift discipline. >> of course it will be hard. that's why we are so upbeat because we know it's out there -- what is out there is way far from the truth. >> we abide by the statement. we can't worry about it. we have to worry about going out and performing with the players that we have. >> reporter: new details surfaced that could put the other player in worse trouble than arenas. "the washington post" reports that while arenas may have laid unloaded guns on the locker of a teammate, two witnesses say that teammate, javaris crittenton responded to arenas by loading a clip of ammunition, and cocking the weapon. arenas promised to take the heat for both players. arenas hopes to meet with david stern soon. he wants to remind the commissioner that he is the kind of person that likes to throw
in 2010. >> reporter: back in washington, democrats echoed tt. >> jobs, jobs, and jobs. >> reporter: but democrats are still pushing health care reform, vowing to crash gates and jump fences. >> that doesn't work, we'll parachute in, but we're going to get health care reform passed for the american people. >> reporter: if it sounds after the state of the union like the same obama agenda, it is. >> last night, he didn't reinvent himself. >> reporter: republicans agree and complain. >> there was nothing last night in the president's speech to indicate that there was any willingness to sit down and work together. >> reporter: barack obama admits he's back in campaign mode, fighting, he says, for working folks. >> that's why i ran for the state senate. that's why i ran for the u.s. senate. that's why i ran for president. to fight for people here in tampa and people here in florida. >> reporter: obama 2010 is sounding a lot like obama '08. a key difference is his focus on jobs and leading democrats today promised the president will get a jobs bill soon. live from the hill, i'm steve hand
's attorney general talks about possible effect on states. and on this morning's "washington journal," topics include irs regulation, financial market oversight, and health care. "washington journal begins at the top of the hour at 7:00 eastern. president barack obama will be at the capitol this afternoon to attend a jobs summit with house democrats. live coverage begins at 4: 45 eastern. later today on c-span 2, we will produce a debate with the republican candidates for governor is -- governor of texas. the incumbent.cx governor will e involved. live coverage begins at 8:00 eastern. a group of state attorneys general said they may file a lawsuit of for a particular provision in the senate version of a health-care legislation. henry mcmaster of south carolina is part of the effort. he talked about the constitutionality of the health care bill at the national press club. this is about one hour. i am a washington correspondent for work-force management which is a magazine. ñri am sure of that national nes national press club news makers committee. i am coming near the end of my tenure. in thr
passing east of washington. the snow has ended in washington. still snowing moderately in fairfax, southern prince william, into stafford and spotsylvania, charles county, prince george's county getting that band of moderate snow as is anne arundel county and moving into calvert and sane mary's. elsewhere a few passing snow showers further to the west moving into the shenandoah valley. those may be moving into the metro area later on this morning. here are the snow totals. anywhere from an inch and a half in southern maryland to about a half inch to an inch around washington and nearby suburbs. the temperatures are at or below freezing all around the region. what has fallen is sticking on the untreated surfaces and the view from space is showing a few lingering showers further to our north and west. those may be passing through perhaps late morning, mid-morning. after that a little sun breaking up. blustery winds and stay cold generally at or below freezing through the rest of the afternoon and through the weekend. sub freezing frigid weekend. morning lows teens. afternoon highs 2
in his arrest. >>> al qaeda threats close a u.s. embassy as washington battles to move extremism with talks and with force. >>> and it looks like new york's tavern on the green restaurant has gone out of business after all that time. a look at the party that ended it all and how people are remembering one of the city's most famous landmarks. >>> you are watching "hln news and views" on this first sunday of 2010. great to have you with us. i'm susan hendricks. we want to get you updated. authorities have arrested a florida man who allegedly gunned down four members of his family after thanksgiving dinner. u.s. marshals captured paul merhige at a hotel in the florida keys last night. there he is on surveillance camera. he was the focus of an intense manhunt after he allegedly shot and killed his twin sisters and a 79-year-old aunt. he also allegedly killed 6-year-old michaela sitton as she slept in her family's jupiter, florida, home. with his arrest, michaela's father says he will be able to sleep at night. >> it means i'll be able to sleep a little better tonight, and i won't be
washington with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, a similar plan was shot down by congress just last month, but today the president will try to win points with the gop. president obama will roll out his new plan today aimed at getting small businesses to start hiring again. >> the true engines of job creation here in america are america's businesses. >> reporter: a day after reconnecting with americans in florida, he'll tour a small business in baltimore and offer more details about the proposal. it's estimated that $33 billion program would help 1 million businesses. it would include a $5,000 tax credit for every new employee hired this year. the amount will be capped at $500,000 per firm to make sure small companies get the benefits. businesses that increase wages or hours for their existing employees would be reimbursed for the have a social security payroll taxes they would pay. the president wants to pay for the plan with the savings from the $700 billion wall street bailout, but that will be up to congress. the president will have a chance to sell his prop
trying to do too much? viviana hurtado joins us now from washington with all the details. good morning, viviana. >> reporte good morning, vinita, jeremy. the president has seen skepticism with his plans soar. so, he went back to a familiar theme, change and hope. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: the president delivered the state of the union address with confidence. but awareness that an increasing number of americans aren't buying into his agenda. >> for these americans and so many others, change has not come fast enough. some are frustrated. some are angry. >> reporter: mr. obama focused an americans' frustration with the weak economy. and concerns about the ballooning trillion-dollar deficit. he proposed spending freezes, tax cuts for the struggling middle class, and ways to put people back to work. >> jobs must be our number one focus for 2010. that's why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> reporter: republicans during much of the speech, by staying seated. and the gop response was delivered by bob mcdonnell, who was recently elected as virginia's new gov
of snow from washington, d.c. as we look at the white house where there is a steady snow falling. washington, d.c. was just upgraded to a winter storm warning. areas of virginia could see anywhere from eight to 12 inches of snow and of course snow, sleet and ice left two thirds of the country in a deep freeze. winter storm warnings from eastern tennessee to virginia. let's get the latest on the storm developments from nbc's meteorologist ginger zee who's taking the storm for us. it's been busy. good morning. >> it's been a busy three days with this storm. it started in texas. oklahoma felt it. they have power outages there. as you mentioned, winter storm warnings exist in virginia and north carolina. just slightly west from that region. so you can see the coral color. that's where the worst of the storm will be today. now, it is moving quickly. that's good news. you can see here the snowy end in virginia and north now. it's mostly got an eastern track. there is a high pressure system above it that's blocking it out from areas like boston and new york. now, it's going to leave nit
for the day, washington 46. 41 in denver. 60 in l.a. 77 in tampa and miami. i'm reynolds look fwolf for hln. >>> we live our lives online, buying plane tickets, paying bills. why not fitness? we asked them to look at the coolest new online fitness tools. check outfitness orbit, real life fitness trainer online. >> i like the fact you can pick the activity level you're in. whether you have a desk job, a frequent traveler. >> reporter: your trainer can adjust your fitness goals on a daily basis. if nutrition is more your focus, check out an online meal plan you. >> the option of choosing from fast food, home cooked meals and each meal type opg, that's an emphasis on healthy choices. >> reporter: it comes complete with recipes, shopping list and cost per meal calculator. if all you feed is a little inspiration, a free healthy tips e-mail called healthy mondays may be your one-stop shop. >> i think healthy mondays is a great program used in conjunction with ornishtives. >> reporter: healthy monday is a free tool but the other two come with membership fees. >>> a woman who survived the devastati
the trials just blocks from ground zero. molly henneberg is following the story live in washington. molly, both republicans and democrats spoke out about the idea, what are they saying. >> molly: that would lead to a security and traffic nightmare and cost over one billion dollars to try the five al-qaeda terrorists including the 9/11 mastermind in manhattan. they want the obama administration to change course. lisfen to this. >> they don't have any idea of the impact or security implications but they made such a decision, it was driven by ideology. now it's blowing up in their faces. >> we are just elated that our concerns are being considered by the president and the federal government. >> molly: the obama administration has not said definitely that the trials will be moved, just that officials are, quote, considering options. >> gregg: what does the administration do now. >> molly: even now they are trying to figure a way to pay for the extra security. a senior source tells fox there may be a line in the president's budget proposing $200 million to help pay for increased security for w
are and the travel forecast head over to weather.com. >>> let's go to washington now and the newest efforts to fight the growing federal deficit. tomorrow, president obama will send his proposed 2011 budget to congress. the white house says its budget will save $20 billion next year. even though "the new york times" says the spending plan increases funding for education, research programs and struggling states. nbc's mike viqueira is at the white house. with a good sunday morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> talk about which programs, mike, are on the chopping block and which ones are getting a boost? >> i think the president's going to achieve a measure of bipartisanship when he submits his budget stoerm. there's something in here for democrats and republicans to really dislike. they can join together in that regard, alex. the white house is trying to emphasize the cost-cutting measure, the trims that they're going to make in this budget. it is a $3.8 trillion budget. it's up $200 billion from last year. the white house let it be known yesterday that some 120 programs tucked away in the vast f
republicans. the president says americans want washington to focus on jobs not bipartisan bickering. the gop claims they have the answer and hand delivered them to the president. 37 minutes, that's all it took for a jury to convict a man who said he killed a prominent abortion provider in order to save the lives of unborn children. we'll take you live to the courthouse in kansas. >>> james o'keefe issued a lengthy statement about his arrest at a senator mary landrieu's office. we'll have that and the reaction from the federal prosecutors considering a grand jury indictment. >>> a ufo sighting in ireland. is this the video that could prove it? we'll talk to one expert that believes it could be true and has been investigating ufos for years. the big picture starts now. >>> good evening, i'm david shuster. my colleague tamron hall is off today. during a confrontation live here on msnbc news, president obama addressed house republicans at their retreat and then took a series of questions aimed squarely at his agenda. the president made his case for health care once again by calling out the repub
at the moment. the newly elected senator shifting the balance in washington. what he says about the president reaching out to republicans. the barbara walters exclusive. >>> states of emergency. the snow and ice leaving tens of thousands in the dark across the south. so many people facing a third night without heat. >>> and jump start. we now learn from toyota when those new gas pedals are coming. just as american car companies shift into high gears, telling customers, let's make a deal. >>> govening. >>> good evening. the trial of the alleged 9/11 mastermind would have been close to the sight of the 9/11 attacks here in new york city. if the white house had its way. but in an about-face, lawmakers who once said yes, are now rejecting the white house plan. citing cost and fear. and because of that, abc news has learned that the plan is essentially off the table. so, what next? we begin with our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: new york city officials were blunt. forget about it. no to plan to try alleged 9/11 mastermind and other suspected al qaeda leaders in new york
importantly, it was just two years ago, that bryce was a participant in inside washington 2008, the pursuit of the presidency, so he is a washington center alum, something that hall of you will be in just a matter of hours. so i'll go ahead and turn it over to bryce cullinane. >> >> how is everybody doing this morning? so we're here at the political school management at george washington university, just four blocks away from the white house, literally at the center of politics. what are we going to talk about this morning? we're going to talk about new media and politics, and it's a wide subject. so what i thought i would do is i would start out with the landscape. so today, as americans, we have access to over 1 trillion websites. on your iphone, just on your iphone alone, you have access to over 65,000 apps. every minute, according to david almacy's web site and then according to youtube, there's 20 hours of video uploaded to youtube, every minute. the average u.s. teen, i don't know if we still have teens in this audience, the average u.s. teen texts how many times per month? 2,272 time
are we. >> reporter: well, this is an interesting moment in washington. polls repeatedly show america is fed up with washington's ways, so both sides are trying to show it's the other guy's fault for all this partisan gridlock. >> savannah guthrie starting us off at the white house tonight. they are going to take all this videotape apart in primetime on msnbc. take another look at exactly what transpired today. >>> we move to another front news on the economy tonight. the broadest measure of growth surged in the last three months of 2009. fourth quarter gross domestic product in this country grew at an annual rate of 5.7%. that's way above what mo analysts had expected here. much of the gain due to businesses rebuilding depleted inventories. the dow, however, down 53 points. stocks now down more than 6% from their highs earlier this month. now we tn to toyota's big problems, and the growing anger and frustration on the part of a lot of toyota owners. meantime, it was another day of confusion over how this potentially deadly problem with accelerator pedals in so many cars will be fixed
for a lot of people from texas to washington. they're dealing with the aftermath of a powerful winter storm. >>> and organizers of tonight's grammy awards show say expect an extravagant tribute to michael jackson. but it's the role his kids will play that is causing a buzz. >>> you're watching "hln" on the last day of january 2010. as always, great to see you. i'm susan hendricks. our top story, haitian authorities are detaining ten americans they have charged with child trafficking. the five men and five women are from an idaho-based charity called new life children's refuge. now, the group says it thought the 33 children were orphans and it was going to house them in the dominican republic. one member claims dominican officials agreed to allow them in without the required paperwork. people in their hometown say they are on a god-given mission. >> i'm convinced that nothing will stand in the way of him accomplishing his purpose through this whole team. and i know that even as we speak and the ten people that are sitting in the haitian jail right now are convinced of the same. >> the haitia
a mediocre two-term president. and i believe that. you know, there's a tendency in washington to think that our job description of elected officials is to get re-elected. that's not our job description. and i don't want to look back on my time here and say to myself, all i was concerned about was nurturing my own popularity. >> hey, welcome to "morning joe." we are live from chicago where last night mika and i went to a book event for her book, "all things at once" and had a great crowd out there. very cold in chicago this morning. the talk last night and the talk in washington today is going to be about president obama's state of the union address. and he's, of course, going to be delivering that tomorrow. and we've got a lot to talk about including a spending freeze that predictably has people on the far left angry and the people on the far right angry. and we'll figure out why everybody's so darn angry in a little bit. good morning. it's tuesday, january 26th. and willie, take us around the table up in new york. >> good morning, joe. i know you, too, don't want to get caught up in y
? >> couric: chip reid at the white house tonight. thank you. bob schieffer is our chief washington correspondent and anchor of "face the nation." so, bob, who was right in that last exchange about the budget: the president or the congressman >> well, actually, katie, both of them, as is usually the case here. the congressman was operating from congressional budget office numbers, the president from numbers provided by by his budget director. so they both have the stats to back up their conclusion. but the truth is that these long-range projections are worthless because no one can predict events over ten years, what wars we're going to have, disasters and so on. so no one can really know how much the government will have to spend. what they do know, though, is that spending has gone through the roof and neither side has an easy answer on how to control it. >> couric: and what do you think, bob? was this meeting a game-changer, as the white house hopes? >> you know, i thought so at first. i thought it might at least be a game-starter. there was a totally different tone than what we'v
of the union is tonight. this morning, we will head live to washington, dc, to find vivian hertado with a preview. >> çreporter: good morning, president obama will give his speak. the speak -- speech. the speech will focus on the economy, creating jobs, and getting the house in order. speaking exclusively with diane sawyer he said that means reigning in the $1.35 trillion deficit. >> is will be a slow chipping away. i will propose a series of measures that shows we are serious about it. >> reporter: he wants to impose a pay freeze for appointees and senior white house staff. his budget covers less than one tenth of what the government spends but will save $250 billion over ten years. republican are balking at the proposals. >> it will take a lot more than just this modest freeze to get us back on track. democratic leaders said to the president. >> eight years prior to presidenf obama's one year, we find that republicans spent trillions of dollars on loans that were unpaid for. trillions of dollars in tax cuts that were not paid for. >> reporter: the president is also expected to
is in washington with the details. >> reporter: president obama is looking to expose the failures leading up to that botched attack. in the meantime, a familiar name has surfaced in the investigation. authorities believe american-born cleric anwar al alahi played a role months before the attack. he reportedly communicated with the suspect. abd abd abdulmutallab. he apparently counseled three of the hijackers and communicated with hassan. but the imam denies any link to al qaeda claiming he's only a spiritual mentor. >> there's always this association between islam and terrorism. when that is not true at all. i mean, islam is a religion of peace. >> reporter: president obama has already received his first report about the christmas day incident. next week he'll meet personally with officials to talk more about what went wrong. preliminary findings blame communication breakdowns among various agencies. intelligence officials knew al qaeda was preparing a nigerian in yemen for an attack, but the clues were never put together in time. officials say those responsible for the mishap will be held a
in america. a robber in washington state brutally beat a woman at an atm machine for less than a dollar. the suspect used an object resembling a pipe. the multiple blows caused severe lacerations and the suspect stole her wallet which had 15 cents in it. >>> a land slide in san antonio caused officials to evacuate around 100 homes. the shifting soil caused crevices to form in backyards some as large as six feet. some homes have already suffered structure damage from the collapsing earth. residents are being put up in hotel rooms paid for by the housing complex. >>> scientist in california are examining a mars rock believed to come from deep within the planet. nasa's exploration rover "opportunity" discovered the baseball size rock. it is different in composition and character from any other rock they found on the planet and could shed light on the interior of the red planet. >>> the girl scout bakery in kentucky added another item to its roster. the latest creation. thank you berry much. a cranberry cookie with white chocolate fudge chips. >>> here's bill karins with the weather channel
up with gridlock in washington, the lack of bipartisanship is fast becoming a partisan issue. >> i can look you in the eye and say we have not been obstructionists. >> they didn't send us to washington to fight each other in a political steel cage match to see who comes out alive. >> reporter: republicans began by presenting the president with a booklet of ideas and as many complains mr. obama spent the last year ignoring them. >> multiple times from your administration there have been statements that republicans have no idea of the solutions. >> reporter: other sore spots remain. at the top of the list, jobs and how to create more of them. >> will you consider supporting across the board tax relief. >> reporter: the $787 billion stimulus, target of republican attacks, resulted in two million jobs and hit back at gop critics. >> a lot of you have gone to appear at ribbon cuttings for the same projects you voted against. >> reporter: despite the talk of getting along and bipartisan comedy, there is a desperate struggle for control. many republicans believe in outside experts concur.
times," front payable of "the washington post," the story we talked about yesterday morning on the show. >> yes, richard engel broke it on the show. didn't you call "the new york times" about the cia double agent bomber? >> last week. >> oh, right. well, that's too bad. but that's great that richard got that story together and it's an incredible piece, both front page of "the new york times" and "the washington post" this morning. >> it's a very important story. the cia still reeling from it. >> the president also is demanding a meeting with security officials today. and this is interesting, joe. after agencies did not share information ahead of that attempted plane attack. it comes as the u.s. embassy has reopened in yemen. >> yeah, they've got problems doing that. in local news, let me ask you this and willie. the jets' owner daughter died a real tragedy right after a big one for them. just a game. but that's a sad story. >> very sad story. he's a lovely guy, and he's been active in a lot of charitable work. it's really just heartbreaking. the whole circumstance of her death is really
hoping to implement a new safety program in the washington, d.c., metropolitan area and with kato on the way out the next few weeks, it's now the metro chairman, d.c. councilman jim graham, the lead spokesperson here today and graham was inside -- excited about one point moments ago and said rather than this being a system failure or a break down in policies, he said at this point early on in this investigation, metro officials believe that this was the fault of error and not some widespread system failure. from everything we know at this point, this great tragedy was a direct result of human error and i am not prepared to go into details but i wanted to say that much to you today. >> reporter: of course, the lead agency is going o be the ntsb and graham let us know by next thursday and they expect officials will have an announcement as far as interim leadership of this transit agency, an agency that, once again, finds itself embroiled in a fatality investigation. we're live at metro headquarters in northwest, back to you. >> this rning's accident will forever change the lives of
you about it. >>> this morning marks the end of an era on washington air waves. today is donny simpson's last day on wpgc. kristin fisher is live at the studio with more. >> reporter: good morning. well, after a 32-year run on washington's air waves donny simpson will be signing off. i'm told he typically gets in here at 6:00 a.m. hopefully we will be able to chat with him then. but first look back at his long career in this industry. now, he got his start at the age of just 15 in his hometown of detroit. after eight years on the air there he moved to washington, d.c. in 1977 where he hosted a morning show and served as program director for 15 years. in 19993 he made the jump to wpgc and has been their signature morning personality ever since. he is best known as a deejay but dappled in -- dabbled in tv. he was the host of video soul. and he has appeared on sit comes like martin, the jamie foxx and arisennial hall show. so far he has not said what his plans are when the signs off here this morning, but there is definitely a chance he could reappear on the washington area waives sometim
. very often, i can be a dairy queen in some of comes up to me and says, listen. the people in washington better do something about the fact that i looked at my mother's bill and she paid $60 for bad bill when she is in the ad bill. let me go to safeway, rate aid, or let me get her ad bill for $25. the reason she paid $60 in the hospital is because there are a bunch of people who went to the emergency room or are in the bed who could not pay for their ad bill. -- pay for their advil. we will wrestle with this issue for some time to come. the reason i feel so strongly about staying with this health- care issue until we get democrats and republicans to come together and find some common ground on this is because your question is so important. we have to find the right balance with respect to protecting the role of individuals, free choice, and their own judgments with how to make sure we protect the community at large. i am not convinced we are there yet, but i will stay at this in a bipartisan way until we do get there. >> one more, 844. 844? 8-4-4. >> [no audio] i was going to talk about
. this is outside right now. look at the temperature, though. it's around 50 around washington. 35 degrees. that storm, which is now in text will be having an impact on our area. you folks to the south especially, this is on saturday. this is saturday. tomorrow is a fine day. but there is a possibility of having upwards of two, four, even five inches of snow as nearby as stafford, spoand othe areas, too. it will be a major, major storm for the mountains of north carolina down near the virginia/north carolina border. traveling that way or thinking about it on saturday, it is going to be treacherous. some spots in north carolina are looking at a foot of snow. temperature right now here in washington, 48 degrees. so there you can see that area of weather front coming through. much colder air coming in. that's one of the ingredients. for our preliminary storm outlook for saturday, i think for the general washington area, light snow. it will be that because the air is so cold and dry. stafford, spotted like that, two to five inches of snow is possible. the major storm, well to our south. the tr
own inns or just play some games at... all that and more. washington post weekend live starts now. u hello and thanks for tuning in. the nfl is down to the final 2 teams as saints and colts punch their tickets to miami. this week was breaking down the games. what our panel thought about them. >> and they are putting licks on. >> he and farve, they will get to farve they take a hit and they take a licking and keep on ticking. >> farve's his ego makes him get up. once he was hurt he was throwing balls without velocity. within you look at the things that you go into the game. and he is on the jet's team. >> and very good. why didn't he play yesterday? number 21 was getting hit. lit up. and after about two big catches you bring sheppard off the bench. you stop, you go to if you can stop one of those guys garson but..., lowery. >> this the one but 21 was ate up the rest of the day. >> i see your point about manning. >> and that's not your typical you could not -- i could not pick off the street. >> peyton manning could. and he did. >> you know the one thing we have not discussed this is n
have been ordered to shut down too. allan chernoff is in washington this morning. a drastic move by toyota, 57% of the autos it makes, it's really an extraordinary number. >> reporter: absolutely, it is exceptional, john. these are vehicles that the company recalled six days ago, recalling, well, that's a pretty common step. but to take them off the market? absolutely exceptional. toyota is putting a not for sale sign on some of the most popular vehicles in america. eight models are affected, all were recalled just six days ago because the accelerator can get stuck in a partly depressed position, or it may return too slowly to an idle position. >> it's so unusual, it's not just a recall, which is expensive, they're actually going to stop selling some of their most popular models. >> reporter: the rav 46789, corolla, matrix, highlander, tundra and is a coy ya. in a statement, toyota said helping ensure the confidence in toyota are very important to our company, this action is necessary until a remedy is finalized. all of the vehicles are made in north america. plants in indiana, t
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